Payments at the Indian Riders Fest 2024 event

Embrace Cashless Convenience with NFCtron at Indian Riders Fest 2024

Indian Riders Fest event has offered the quickest payment method for a seamless event experience since IRF2022- cashless payments with NFCtron’s chip-enabled wristband. Whether you’re craving some delicious food, want a refreshing drink, or want to buy event merchandise, attach the chip to your wristband and enjoy hassle-free transactions.

  • We recommend preloading your credit through NFCtron Pass to receive a chip-enabled wristband before the event.
  • All vendors connected to the NFCtron cashless payment system will have mobile phones at their point of sale. After each transaction, they will show you the balance and provide information about your purchase on the screen.

NFCtron Understanding the Process

A Step-by-Step Guide to Cashless Payments at Indian Riders Fest 2024 with NFCtron

How it works?
You will receive a chip-enabled wristband upon arrival at the IRF24 check-in. Top-up your credit at the marked top-up points at the event. You can reload your chip with cash or a card in EUR or CZK.
After the event, you will receive an information paper containing a link and QR code to check your credit balance and request a refund for any remaining credit.
Unused credit?
Refunds for credit balances are free of charge and have no limitations for accounts in CZK and EUR. You can quickly request a refund with just a few clicks through your online receipt from the venue, NFCtron Pass, or the NFCtron mobile app. The refund will be transferred to your bank account within 14 days after the IRF24 event concludes.
Tips for your convenience:
Keep track of your transaction history and balance. Scan the QR code from the information paper -> Monitor your credit balance within your online receipt.
Any additional fees? No.
Need to top-up during the event?
Using cash or cash, you can conveniently reload your credit anytime during the event at the designated NFCtron top-up points.

Get Ready for IRF24: Back In Time

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