Dear friends & riders,

We greet you all in this difficult time.
We received some questions about the IRF2020 related to the Coronavirus pandemic situation recently. Especially your questions about the possible cancellation of the event. The Indian Riders Fest will not be cancelled but could probably be postponed.

We have no idea when the situation will return to normal.
Actually we are working hard to get the most suitable solution with all event partners and find a possible replacement term as soon as possible.

In short, we are not waiting passively to see how the situation will develop.

As soon as a final decision about an eventual postponing of the IRF date has been taken, we will all let you know
For now, we wish you and your loved ones to stay healthy. Take good care and see you soon! ❤️

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Indian Riders Fest 12-14 June 2020 in Budweis

The second edition is going to be better, bigger and bolder.


Because the almost 1000 riders and visitors who came to the first edition in June 2019 loved the party, we have decided to do it again for you. Come and enjoy the unique atmosphere with Indian riders from all over Europe, and the rest of the world, for the second edition of the Indian Riders Fest 2020 in Budweis, the Czech Republic. Check the photos and videos gallery to immerse yourself in the #IRF 2019.


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IRF 2019 Gallery
Indian Riders Fest Budweis 12. - 14.06.2020

What to expect at the 2020 Indian Riders Fest?

Win a Indian Chieftain Limited

Indian Demo Rides Model 2020

Live Concerts & Entertainment

60 km Legendary Parade Ride

EU Biggest Indian Riders Meeting

Meet Riders From 25 Countries

Indian Riders Fest Budweis 12. - 14.06.2020

Indian Motorcycle officially supports IRF 2020

IMRG official international meeting.


The event has been chosen for the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group annual international meeting in 2020, giving IRF 2020 gathering a further boost. We have prepared for you a fantastic program and hope to attract more participants than ever to come and join IRF 2020. Grant Bester, Indian Motorcycle’s International Vice President, says the event was well run in 2019 and is very excited by the initiative.

Indian Motorcycle Riders Group represents the official community of almost 10,000 Indian owners from all over Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Are you not part of any IMRG? You do not have (yet) an Indian motorcycle? It does not matter at all. Come and enjoy the party with us and experience the atmosphere of Europe’s largest gathering of Indian riders.

Stáhni si program IRF2020

Indian Riders Fest 2019


Indian Motorcycles in Parade Ride


Indian Motorcycles by Old Town Square


Indian Motorcycles at Expo Area


Riders & Visitors

IRF 2020 = Better, Bigger & Bolder

Expect a fantastic program.

Saturday unbelievable Parade Ride on open roads under police escort around Budweis, stunt shows, vintage Indian motorcycles, test rides, custom-built bikes show, and onsite Indian Motorcycle service repair shop.


Check the exhibitor’s and trader center for some new stuff, sit with friends by the excellent food court, or relax in the chill zone with a glass of fresh Czech world-renowned beer.


Enjoy live concerts of all music styles and be overwhelmed by the show of world Queen tribute band – Quennie during Friday evening party and the timeless rock ‘n roll, high-octane performance of Atlanta’s rock band The Last Chance Riders on Saturday evening. We will rock you!

IRF 2020 Information
Indian Riders Fest Budweis 12.06- 14.06.2020


Indian Riders Fest 2020 Partners
Indian Riders Fest 2020 Partners
Indian Riders Fest 2020 Partners
Indian Riders Fest Budweis 12. - 14.06.2020

IRF 2020 in the heart of Europe

Book you Rally Pack and accommodation now.


Situated in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is very often called “the heart of Europe” for its geographical location. The second edition of the Indian Riders Fest will retake place in České Budějovice aka Budweis, the capital city of South Bohemia, 12.06. – 14.06.2020.


We have prepared for you an exceptional Limited Edition All-Inclusive Rally Pack with lots of goodies.


Each Limited Edition Rally Pack comes with one lottery ticket for the Saturday raffle. The winner of the IRF 2019 first prize went back home with a custom Indian Scout, built by Indian Motorcycle Písek / Indian of Budweis.
The first prize to win in 2020 is a Indian Chieftain Limited Custom!

Book your all-inclusive Rally Pack, meet fellow Indan riders from all over Europe and be part of a unique event. In 2019 more than 550 riders coming from 21 countries came to Budweis.

Book your Rally Pack now

See you in Budweis in: