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Indian Riders Fest 2024 – Riders Awards

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Celebrate your passion, commitment, and the thrilling journey to Indian Riders Fest 2024 with our IRF Riders Awards, proudly in partnership with Jekill & Hyde’s cutting-edge electronic adjustable exhaust systems.

It’s time to shine a spotlight on you—the heart and soul of our riding community! Whether you’ve journeyed vast distances, embrace the spirit of youth, or carry the wisdom of years on the road, there’s a category crafted just for your achievements.

Riders Awards

IRF24 Riders Award Categories:

  1. Iron Butt (Man Longest Distance to IRF24)
    Calling all male riders who’ve conquered the longest roads to be part of IRF24! This category is your battleground. Prove your enduring spirit and stamina as we commend the miles that bring us together.
  2. Bun Burner (Woman Longest Distance to IRF24)
    For the woman rider who refuses to let any distance stand in her way. If you’ve ridden the farthest to join us, this category celebrates your tenacity and love for the road.
  3. Green Rider (Youngest Rider Riding to Budweis)
    Youth on wheels, this one’s for you! If you’re setting the pace for the young guns by riding to Budweis, we’re ready to cheer your spirited journey.
  4. Silver Rider (Oldest Rider Riding to Budweis)
    Wisdom, experience, and a never-ending passion for the ride. If these words resonate with you as the oldest rider to Budweis, let’s honor your remarkable journey.
  5. The Swarm (Biggest Group of Riders from Outside Czech Republic)
    Strength in numbers and hearts united by the ride. If your group is the largest convening from beyond the Czech borders, this category celebrates your collective adventure and bond.
  6. The Rangers (Farthest Distance Travelled by a Group)
    Adventure knows no bounds! This award will honor the group that has travelled the farthest distance to reach IRF24. At least 5 motorcycles from riders of the same IMRG club are required to qualify, showcasing the true spirit of camaraderie and adventure that ties our global community together.

How to Nominate?

  • Before the Event: Jump into the action early by filling out the nomination form online. Tell us your story and why you or your group deserve to be in the spotlight.
  • At the Event: Not to worry if you decide later. Make your way to Hall R3, find the Indian Motorcycle shop, and fill out the nomination form right there and then.

Every mile, every year, every story is a testament to the spirit of riding. Choose your category, embrace your journey, and let the IRF24 Riders Awards highlight the road you’ve travelled.

IRF24 Riders Awards
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