Indian Riders Fest 2021 by the exhibition area in České Budějovice

In June 2021, we will meet again in České Budějovice (Budweis) by the exhibition area.

The area itself is all the year round full of green vegetation, excellent roads, and hard surface places. From the historical city center, the exhibition is just 1.2 km, 20 walking minutes away.


The event site is situated by:
Expo Halls | Výstaviště České Budějovice
Husova 523/30, 370 05 České Budějovice
GPS: 48°58’44.247″N, 14°27’40.754″E
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Non-stop secured parking.

Did you know that there is a 0% tolerance for drinking and driving in the Czech Republic? A team of professional safety guards will oversee the secured parking zone, 24 hours a day. So park your bike, enjoy the party, and use the free shuttle bus services by the main gate. 

General Information about Indian Riders Fest Budweis 12.06- 14.06.2020
Old town square - Indian Riders Fest Budweis 12.06- 14.06.2020

Discover České Budějovice’s picturesque spots

Elegant townhouses gathered around one of the largest squares in Europe.


České Budějovice (in English Budweis,) is a city with more than 750 years of tradition, a lot of important historical sites and fascinating nature around. The city has more than 94.000 inhabitants, several museums, a total of 8 breweries where Budweiser Budvar reaches worldwide prestige.


Due to its location near known and valued UNESCO heritage places, the historical center (since 1980 protected preserve) of České Budějovice is worth a visit, mainly the world-renowned oldtown square.


After the Saturday fantastic Parade Ride, we will park around the legendary Přemysl Otakar II downtown square. In June 2019, 465 Indian motorcycles where present by the square. Let’s try to do better for IRF 2020 and make unforgettable photos and videos.

#IRF2019: Statistics Indian motorcycles in Budweis

Scout SIxty0%


Scout Bobber0%

Chief Classic0%

Chief Vintage0%

Chief Dark Horse0%


Chieftain Dark Horse0%

Chieftain Limited0%

Chieftain Elite0%


Springfield Dark Horse0%

Roadmaster Classic0%


Roadmaster Elite0%

FTR 1200 / S0%

Map Indian Riders Fest 2020 Budweis Czech Republic

Legendary Parade Ride

25 km on secured open roads.

In June 2019, for the first edition of the Indian Riders Fest, 418 Indian motorcycles took part in the unique 25 km long Parade Ride. The national police, together with the municipal police of Budweis, kept the crossroads secured and closed to general traffic. What an unforgettable experience!


Police escort.

For the second edition, June 2021, the Saturday Parade Ride will also be under the escort of the national traffic police and with the helpful support of municipal police. All participants can count on a safe ride at all times while enjoying the superb landscape of the South Bohemia region. Of course, we will prepare a different route than the IRF 2019 ride.

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Parade Ride under police escort - Indian Riders Fest Budweis 12.06- 14.06.2020
All-Inclusive Rally Pack - Indian Riders Fest Budweis 12.06- 14.06.2020

All-Inclusive Rally Pack

Let’s make your weekend in Budweis exceptional.

Be our guest and experience why, the most significant majority of riders who visited the first Indian Riders Fest, June 2019, loved by the quality of the services during the event.


  • 1x VIP ID event wristband for Rider/Participant
  • 1x VIP ID tag – matching number for motorcycle
  • 1x T-Shirt Indian Riders Fest
  • 1x Patch Indian Riders Fest
  • 1x Metal Pin Indian Riders Fest
  • 1x Textile bag
  • 1x Exclusive IRF branded beer cup
  • 1x Lottery ticket for Saturday evening raffle
  • Welcome dinner Friday 11.06.
  • Grill & Barbecue Saturday 12.06.
  • 8x Free Premium Czech 0.5L beer (or non-alcoholic drink of choice)
  • Guarded and monitored VIP parking zone 24h
  • Free Shuttle Busses from Expo towards the city center
  • Free access to Live concerts
  • Parade Ride on Saturday 12.06 around Budweis with police escort
  • Discount vouchers valid during the event by selected partners
  • Leaflet with prepared trips around Budweis
  • Free access to the IRF photo-booth and free A5 photo prints
  • Complimentary non-alcoholic beverage and coffee/tea by registration zone
  • Donation to Centrum Bazalka – Kindergarten and Elementary School for Children with Disabilities
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Interesting facts about the Czech Republic

  • There are over 2 000 castles, towers and historical ruins in the Czech Republic, one of the highest density in the world.
  • The Czech Republic is almost entirely surrounded by mountains.
  • Czech people are the world’s heaviest consumers of beer.
  • Prague castle is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest ancient castle in the world.
  • The Czech Republic has most hospital beds per inhabitant in the EU.

Alcohol & Driving tolerance 0%0%

Beer drinkers0%