Frequently asked questions

I would like to come, but I do not have an Indian motorcycle?

The event is not just for Indian Motorcycle riders, all riders are welcome regardless of the brand they ride.


When and where does the event take place?

From Friday 10 June 10:00 until Sunday 12 June 2022. The Indian Riders Fest central location is in the expo area situated 1 km from the city center. Address: Husova tř. 523/30, 370 05 České Budějovice. Google Map


I will like to come earlier than 10 June to discover the Czech Republic, can you help me?

Riding a motorcycle in the Czech Republic and in particular, in South Bohemia, is fantastic. Lots of small roads are bringing you to unique locations. Let us know what your plans are, and we will try to help you out.


How is it with accommodation?

Check the “E-Shop” section here on the site.


Will I be able to camp on-site?

Yes, you can camp in a small tent (max. 2 persons) by the main event area for free if you have an All-Inclusive Limited Edition Rally Pack or a normal Rally Pack ticket. No big tents or campers/trailers will be allowed without special permission.


Will it be a Parade Ride?

Yes, on Saturday, 11 June, at the beginning of the afternoon. For safety reasons, the police will escort us during the ride, and all crossroads will be closed to other traffic. Although the tour will be approximately 25 km long, we strongly advise you to have enough gas to make it back. No stops are planned during the ride to ensure the general safety of the group and comply with the regulations.


Where can I buy Rally Packs and Tickets?

Check the “E-Shop” section here on the site. You can buy Rally Packs only online by the official event e-shop. There is no possibility to buy them on location. Weekend tickets will be available for visitors at the main event entrance.


How will it be with parking the motorcycles?

For Rally Pack owners and motorcycles owners, non-stop monitored and guarded parking will be available during the whole event in the expo area. Security guards will control each motorcycle by accessing and leaving the event area. In case of not matching ID numbers on the rider’s wristband and motorcycle’s ID tag, no exit will be possible. In that case, the event organization will solve the issue with the legal owner of the motorcycle.


What is the alcohol tolerance for driving in the Czech Republic?

None. 0%. You will have at your disposal free shuttle bus services from the main event area towards the city center and selected hotels.

Indian Riders Fest 2022

I received my Rally Pack ticket with a QR code. What is it for?

The QR code is your unique identification. It will allow you to access the registration zone and get your Rally Pack content. The QR code will make the registration process faster.


Do I need to have a printed copy of my Rally Pack e-ticket with QR code to be able to register on-site?

No, you do not need a printed copy to register. Just save a copy of the PDF e-ticket on your smartphone. You can take a printed copy only in case if you like.


I bought a Rally Pack, but I cannot attend. Will I get a refund?

After the statutory period of 14 days, there is no refund procedure available. But you can exchange your ticket with a friend at no cost. See the next Q&A. Read our “Terms & Conditions” for details.


Can I exchange my accommodation booking / Rally Pack with a fellow rider?

In case you have booked accommodation and a Rally Pack, and you can’t make it, you can exchange your booking with a fellow rider. Let us know by email at You need to mention your booking number and send us all the information about your friend (Name, Surname, Address, Type Motorcycle, etc…)


If my T-shirt included in Rally Pack is not fitting, can I exchange it for a different size by the help-desk on location?

We will have a limited amount of extra event T-shirts by the registration / Help desk by the main expo area. Feel free to ask for another size that suits you better. First come, first served rule apply.


Can I participate in the lottery if I didn’t buy a Rally Pack?

No, only owners of a Rally Pack can participate in the lottery prize draw.


Can I buy more lottery tickets?

Yes, of course, if you want to increase your chance to win fantastic prizes. Only owners of a Rally Pack can buy extra lottery tickets.


Will the prepared rides in South Bohemia be available in digital format for my navigation system?

All prepared rides around South Bohemia will be available for Rally Pack owners in digital format for the Indian Ride Command or other major navigation systems (Garmin, TomTom). You will also have a printed leaflet of the rides with your Rally Pack.


If I have a small technical problem with my motorcycle, are there any repair shops close to the event area?

During the whole event, a team of trained Indian mechanics will be present by the main expo area for small technical reparation and fast fixing of possible problems.


Can I try to ride an Indian motorcycle?

Of course, Indian Motorcycle will be present during the Indian Riders Fest 2022 with free demo rides.


What about the COVID-19 situation?

From the beginning of May 2022, there are not any restrictions or limitations for outdoor events in the Czech Republic. You can access the Indian Riders without any proof of vaccination or the need for a recent antigen PCR test.