Frequently asked questions – Rescheduled June 2021

Why did you not postpone the Indian Riders Fest to September 2020?

As COVID-19 situation is still very unclear for the coming months, the health of the riders, visitors, organisers, dealers, sponsors, exhibitors and volunteers is our primary focus. We have riders coming from more than 25 countries and can not be sure the borders will be open until September for all countries.


When and where does the postponed Indian Riders Fest event take place?

From Friday 11 June 10:00 until Sunday 13 June 2021.
The same location as the planned IRF2020, the expo area, situated 1 km from the Budweis city centre.
Address: Husova tř. 523/30, 370 05 České Budějovice. Google Map | 48°58’44.247″N, 14°27’40.754″E


How can I get a refund?

The event is postponed due to the global pandemic situation, not cancelled by the organisation. No refund will take place. All riders who bought the 2020 event Rally Pack will all receive a new full-access ticket for 2021 event offering the same content and services. This is also valid for all accommodations booked online by the IRF2020 e-shop (like Clarion Hotel bookings).


I can not come in June 2021 to Budweis, what can I do?

You can exchange your booking with a fellow rider at no additional costs. Let us know by email at You need to mention your booking number and send us all the information about your friend (Name, Surname, Address, Type Motorcycle, etc…)


I have booked myself an accommodation in Budweis for June 2020, what document can I send the hotel/pension to show that the Indian Riders Fest 2020 is postponed to 11.-13. June 2021? Can you help me?

You will get a new official Rally Pack ticket with QR code. This document is sufficient to verify that the event is postponed to June 2021.
Please send us an email at and mention all information about your hotel booking (name hotel, address, date of arrival and departure et..) and we will do our best to help you out.


When will I get my new Rally Pack ticket and hotel Clarion confirmation for the IRF2021 event?

All registered riders will receive per mail their new Rally Pack tickets for IRF2021 and eventual Hotel Clarion confirmation until the 15 May 2020.



What will be the content of the Rally Pack for IRF2021?

Precisely the same as for the Indian Riders Fest 2020.


Can I expect additional costs for my participation at the IRF2021?

No, we have secured for all participants that the partners of the event won’t increase the price of their services. So no additional costs are expected from all riders registered for the IRF2020.


What will be the program of the IRF2021?

Better, bigger and bolder than the IRF2020. We are keeping our promise and expect a vibrant program very similar to the “actual” IRF2020 program and probably even better. We will inform you regularly during the coming months.


What shall I do in case I need to change some personal information I used to fill in my IRF2020 registration, like my address, model of Indian Motorcycle etc…?

Let us know by email at You need to mention your booking number and send us all the information you want to replace. You will receive an update Rally Pack ticket directly.


Will Indian Motorcycle be a partner of the Indian Riders Fest event in June 2021?

Yes. Indian Motorcycle has confirmed its continuing support for the Indian Riders Fest in Budweis.


Is the Indian Riders Fest 2021 edition also the official Indian Motorcycle Riders Group international meeting?

Yes. The Indian Riders Fest 2021 in Budweis is set as the location for the international meet of the Indian Motorcycle Riders Group (IMRG).


I have some questions, how can I reach you?

Please send us an email at and mention your booking number.