About the Czech Republic

Czech Republic, a place of rich history and beautiful landscapes

The Czech Republic became independent state on January the 1st 1993.


Historically it follows -up the traditions of Republic of Czechoslovakia, Czech Kingdom, Czech Principate and Great Moravia back to the 9th century.


The Czech Republic has 10.600.000 inhabitants, its capital city is Prague (1.3 million). Economically we belong to 31 wealthiest states in the world with highest financial income. In opposite to that we place pretty low in number of citizens living below the poverty level. Slovak nation creates the largest group of foreigners living in the Czech Republic followed by Ukrainians a Vietnamese.

We had up to 50 motorcycle manufacturers

Between the WWI and WW2, the Czech Republic has belonged to the top 5 most industrial developed countries in world.


There were 9 car manufacturers, 13 aircraft manufacturers and about 50 motorcycle manufacturers. WW2 and the communist era totally ruined the whole industry. Today’s car production slowly reaches its top position again (Škoda, Tatra…).


And we have the highest concentration of aircraft production in the world. So, we are catching breath again.

We love beer

Maybe you know it. We love to drink beer and we love to brew beer. There are about 58 large breweries and 373 microbreweries currently registered in our country, 431 in total.


Quite impressive. That means one brewery for 25 000 inhabitants. Quite good, don’t you think?

What did we give to the world beside of IMRG Second European Meeting?

Sugar cube, contact lenses, the “ROBOT” word, music of L. Janáček, B. Smetana and A. Dvořák, Kaplan’s turbine, lightning rod, propeller, also Jaromír Jágr and world’s first drunk catch (well not everything was a splendid idea).